I help you become the best version of yourself

Writing a book is a lot of work. Maybe you already know exactly how you are going to tackle this and you are well on your way, or maybe you have no idea yet. And when you're done writing your book, you're not there yet. Editing, publishing, and marketing are things that every author comes into contact with. That can be overwhelming. That's why I'm here!

As your writing mentor  I will help you in 12, 24 or 48 one-hour sessions to become the best version of yourself and the best version of your book. I help you with what you and your book need. I do not work with a standard template, together we will see what your needs are and we will get to work with that. During the time we work together, you receive one-on-one guidance from me. You can divide the hours according to your needs. Outside those hours I can of course always be reached by e-mail to answer your questions or to listen to what you are struggling with. Do you not need long-term guidance, but do you need a separate writing consultation? That is also possible.

Not sure if I can help you? No worries! Fill in the form below and I will contact you.


How intensely I can help you How much the apprenticeship requires
12 sessions €600
24 sessions €1080
48 sessions €1920
Separate consultation €55