Writing is rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting...

Editing is a process that many writers loathe. Phrases you've been thinking about for hours suddenly sound like nothing anymore. Texts that looked fine before suddenly don't seem like anything after rereading them for the umpteenth time. And you are certainly fed up with those countless rules of spelling and grammar after the hundredth check...

Yet editing is one of the most important things when writing a text - be it a book, essay or web copy. You recognize an edited text immediately: it is polished, error-free and reads wonderfully. That is exactly what I can offer you: a text that you can be proud of!

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Because every text is different, we first look together at what you need help with. Then I make a quote proposal based on €50 per hour that I need to make your text look flawless.

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a month ago

Ik ben ontzettend blij met de professionele hulp van Pia. Ze heeft helderheid gecreƫerd in mijn teksten zoals ik dat zelf nooit zou kunnen. De communicatie was tevens perfect!

Isa Home Spa
4 months ago

Ik ben zeker tevreden over de samenwerking met Pia. De communicatie omtrent offerte, prijs en levertijd was geweldig. Nederlands is niet mijn moedertaal en dankzij Pia zijn de teksten op mijn website correct. Daarnaast gaf ze me goed advies en daar ben ik haar enorm dankbaar voor.

5 months ago

Pia did and excellent job re-writing my text. It was so beautifully written without any mistake. She did exactly what I asked her to do. The communication was fast and great. I Highly recommend Pia Sophia for all your text review/correction.

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