des·pair noun

1 the loss or absence of hope


When you look around, do you sometimes get the feeling that humankind is filled with desperation and the last straw is about to break the camel's back? Like the world is full of despair and the cup overflows…

The stories in my book talk about power, helplessness, prejudice, murder, violence, heartbreak, fire, terror, gore, pain, love, and other aspects of the human condition and the very fine line dividing imagination and reality.

Meet the different characters and get sucked into this collection of stories that will put your heart in your throat and that you will find difficult to put down.

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2 years ago

Read the book in one go. Good writing style and original plots that keep you as reader on your toes.

2 years ago

Geweldig boek! Zulke onverwachtse onderwerpen en spannende plottwists, ik kon hem niet wegleggen!

2 years ago

Desperandum by Pia Sophia truly is a one of a kind book. All short stories have a very different point of view. The characters are very developed and all have to go through something else. This creates different perspectives and provokes us to think about all the life around us. I was able to empathise with all the characters on a deeper level.

Pia really knows how to keep us invested by keeping a certain tension in between the lines. The shortness of the stories didn’t affect the story Pia was telling. All stories had their own peculiar meaning. The stories remind me of a modern version of Edgar Allan Poe, with all the peculiarities and unusual ideas. I only put the book down, so I could savour each story for a little longer before moving on to the next one.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in stories you will keep thinking about. I will also keep rereading the story to discover new interesting details each time.

2 years ago

Wow! Never read something quite like it. Beautifully written stories about, well, the title says it all, despair. Desperandum in different ways, some ways so bizarre I had never thought possible. Really interesting view points. The author has written all these feelings with so much depth. I felt in awe, afraid, curious, disgusted at times, but felt empathy too for even the weirdest characters. It's truly a work of art if you can make even those characters likable. It teaches you not to be judgmental but that every person has a reason for the things they're doing. I couldn't put this book down. I am super excited for Pia Sophia's next books!!!

3 years ago

Desperandum is het magnum opus der korte verhalen. Het geeft een inzicht in het psyche van hen die de maatschappij het liefste wegstopt in een diep duister hol om nooit meer van te vernemen. Deze bundel is geschreven voor hen die weleens in een diep dal heeft gezeten waarin gedachten zich als een wilde rivier manifesteren.

Desperandum is een spiegel die we ons allen eens moeten voorhouden. Er schuilt meer achter een mens dan men denk. De persoon die met een lege blik verdwaald over het kerkplein de duiven loopt te voeren, wat schuilt daarachter? De persoon die altijd schichtig om zich heen loopt te kijkenen in elke kamer MOET weten waar alle uitgangen zijn, wat heeft die te verbergen? Als dit vragen zijn die je jezelf stelt, en je hunkert naar antwoorden: BESTEL EN LEES DESPERANDUM.

M. Khalaf
3 years ago

Pia is an excellent writer and deep thinker. Her short stories reflect perspectives often not thought about or even considered. They range everything from the perspective of an innocent child interpretting her world around her to racism and what drives that racism and hatred onward. Her stories are always uniquely written to help the reader think more deeply about both the story, and life in general. In each story, i can relate to or be reminded of, something personally. It helps me think of my own experiences outside the box. After all, there are always two sides to every story. Its amazing how much Pia can say in such few words in each story. Although each story is short, they each have deep meanings. I highly recommend people to read her book. Im looking forward to future books

3 years ago

A musician once said that music should be scary, i.e. it should make you feel and question things, but also make you realize that you're not as big as you think and that (in the end) you don't know everything. 

Desperandum reminded me of those words. The stories - which the author wrote in such slick way that you'll just flow through them (even though each one will make you put the book down for a minute for everything to sink in) - are scary. Scary because they'll make you wonder about people's actions, and grasp the fact that we can't just write off or declare individuals mad without knowing their trail of thoughts and inner fears.

Some of the stories are quite shocking (Daddy's Heart, Discovery), while some will make women and girls shiver, for the tale is unfortunately too well known (Always Alone). 

Being a fan of short stories, for I can read one at a time, when I find some free time, I've read this book in a blink of an eye. Never the less, it's not an easy read. It left a bitter taste in my mouth and made me (re)think (about) lots of things. As any good and scary work of art ought to.