How To Write A Character

Published on 18 January 2022 at 19:00

People often think that the most important thing about a story character is the way they look or what their name is. That is so far from the truth that it hurts my writer heart. Of course, it's nice to fantasize about our own characters! It's one of the most fun parts to do as a writer! And yes, part of fantasizing about our own characters is to imagine what they would look like, what they would like and what they do in their free time. But, and this might be a little bit controversial, I believe that you don't need to know all of those things to write a good story character. 

This is how you do write a good story character:

  • Instead of imagining what your character looks like and what their name is, focus on their purpose and what they bring to the story
  • Instead of filling in endless lists of characteristics for every story character, envision each character's journey and how that contributes to the main theme
  • Instead of wasting your precious time coming up with characters that don't work for your story, hire a professional writing coach to help you come up with the characters that fit your world best!

As you can see, it's not the outside of your characters that matter to the story, but it's the inside that's most important. I know it's a piece of advice that you've probably heard a hundred times before, but take it from your Writing Sister: it's true. We have enough superficialness going on in the world. Let's please not take it into our books as well. You got this, sis!

- Pia Sophia

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