Why I Love Darkness

Published on 31 October 2021 at 19:30

"What do you write about?" It's a question I always get when people hear that I write stories. The twinkle in their eyes makes place for a confused look when they hear that I put dark things on paper. "You?!" That is apparently not expected from me. But, if you ask me, there's nothing more interesting than the darkness that is always lingering around us.
I love darkness. I love the night, scary movies and melancholy songs that stab you in the heart as you listen to them. The most interesting thing about darkness is that it is so rarely talked about, while all of us know how darkness feels. Some of us are scared of it, others thrive in the darkness in the broadest sense of the word.
We all have to deal with it sooner or later: setbacks. Moments in our life that feel as if we will never get through them. No matter how brightly the sun shines, no matter how cheerful the birds sing, in those periods we all only identify with the dark sky that embraces us after sundown.
And yet, if someone then is to ask us how we're doing, we're more inclined to be dishonest than to tell them we're stuck in a lightless place in our lives.
That fascinates me. Why is there such a huge taboo on something that we all have in common? That is something that I try to fathom in my stories. Therefore, my stories are not written to leave you with a relieved feeling, but to make you hink about the countless of shapes in which the darkness manifests itself. 
As humans, it's easy to judge things we are scared of. To take a stand on people and things that instill fear in us. It's absurd, if you ask me. For darkness is a thing we can't ignore, no matter how hard we try. It's only when we see that, that we can make this dark world a place in which each of us is able to breathe freely.
The darkness of the night belongs to the people who are in contact with their emotions and is open for those of others. It's in moments of darkness that the deepest connections arise, with ourselves and with each other. That's why I love darkness.

- Pia Sophia

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