I have been writing my own stories ever since I knew what magic could come from under your hands when you hold a pen. As a child, I wrote about dragons and witches. As an adult, I write about all the dark, twisted and magical things that makes our world an interesting place. I have written and published two short story collections and am currently working on my third book, a feminist horror novel based on Slavic paganism.

Being a true lover of stories, I am always looking for new voices to take to my heart. That's why I also coach women who write or women who want to write. Consider me your Big Sis who will guide you through the entire writing process!

I'm one of few writers who loves to edit. Not only my own stories, but basically any text. I love to work my magic on any story, that's why you can also hire me as an editor.

Also fun to know: I am absolutely a night person. I devour books. Oh, and I watch horror movies in the dark for fun.

🌖 🌖 🌖